The scramble for cash was such that when a person tried

According to a Northern Railways spokesperson, at least 20 point of sale (PoS) machines have been installed at the ticket reservation counters at New Delhi railway station, Tughlakabad, Subzi Mandi, Kirti Nagar, AIIMS and China cap embroidery machines Manufacturers Delhi Cantonment.There are over 20 railway reservation offices across the city with little or no arrangement for digital payment.Cash is the only form of currency being accepted at ticket booking counters of the New Delhi Railway Station.

Since December 10, railways have stopped accepting abolished banknotes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations.While three of the booking counters at the station denied accepting payment through a debit or credit card, a railway official at counter number 25 said that the card swipe machine there was not working. The scramble for cash was such that when a person tried to check whether a deserted Federal Bank ATM in the subway of the New Delhi Metro station was dispensing cash, three-four people immediately queued up behind the person.Passengers outside the Indian Bank ATM at New Delhi railway station said that the machine is only dispensing the newly-minted 2,000 rupee notes.

The misguided cancer treatment attempted to use extreme heat in a tented area

Do we have any microbes living in the system " Rubins said.One of the first things the scientists need to prove is just how well the machine operates in microgravity."This kind of device coiling embroidery machines Manufacturers is something you would use in the developing world, you could use this in an outbreak situation, you could use this in a clinic where you don’t have a lot of resources to buy a full-scale sequencer but you can enable some kinds of diagnostic tests in really resource-poor settings," Rubins said.

Rubins said the space station is an "amazing place" to test device performance when power and data processing capabilities are limited. The station’s sequencer displays its analysis as it works. The misguided cancer treatment attempted to use extreme heat in a tented area to reduce tumors: it was a failure, but terminal patients reportedly felt more at peace.

Charles Raison has repurposed a ‘fever machine’ for clinical trials in heat treatments for depression.Raison’s methods and findings are being challenged, but it sounds like an interesting counterpart to the humidity of a sweat lodge and the physical demands of hot yoga.Inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice of "tummo", Dr Charles Raison has repurposed an antiquated "fever machine" for clinical trials in heat treatments for depression, according to Stat.

The check returned positive for cocaine

"He had a pocket in his belt in the form of a zip chain, and he had kept the cocaine packets in it," said coiling embroidery machines Manufacturers the official, who did not wish to be named.An airport security official told The Asian Age that the packets of cocaine were concealed in the waist belt of the passenger. The local police was then informed, who then confronted the Ghana national and enquired about the drugs.45 am. Now, officials are trying to find out the source of drugs packets given to Akufo and who was supposed to received it and if it is a big racket. To board the same flight, Akufo was going through pre-boarding security checks at the security hold area, when the on-duty CISF official Kapil Dev detected five packets of white powder. The check returned positive for cocaine.

At Dresden’s University Clinic, analytical chemist Gerald Steiner and his team are working to prevent such mass culls of newborns by detecting the sex of chicks before they hatch. "The politicians are piling on pressure ahead of the 2017 elections," said Steiner, who said he was getting phone calls "every week" from the ministry, eager for an update. Male chicks are therefore systematically eradicated. ‘95% accuracy’Several teams of scientists — including veterinarians, chemists, engineers and physicists — are collaborating on the project, which also includes the participation of two private companies.

I have done caricatures of all the 58 designers

This is an China tuft embroidery machines Manufacturers excellent platform to promote it and a lot of people are enquiring about it. The other popular spot for shutterbugs are the wearable art installations, placed in the mid are fixed to depict different elements of universe.As the 21st edition of FDCI’s Wills India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2013 kick starts today in the capital, one can see very many interesting fashion-inspired installations at the hall number 18 of the widespread Pragati Maidan. Designer Manish Tripathi, who sketched all the cartoons in less than a week’s time, says, "I have done caricatures of all the 58 designers who will be showcasing on the runway this season.

The idea is to promote local dyes and colours on the commercial front and all the installations placed in the venue revolve around this theme. Mister B. Sunil Sethi, the president FDCI, mentions, "This is the India fashion week so how can we leave the original Indian fashion behind We planned all the Indian elements that are required to strengthen the Indian fashion industry. There are two seasoned weavers — Sri Baduddin and Hanumanta, who will be showcasing the art of weaving to the designers and students, so that they can learn about our rich textile strength.

By installing the Intel My Wi-Fi Direct Dashboard app, you’ll get access to that functionality. Hooking up to a common LAN router can be beneficial to send files over the air.You might have wondered how people might be able to send files over computers that are on the same network without using some Internet service like Gmail or Dropbox which eats up bandwidth.

If you would like to make a statement

"This trend has been in vogue and well received by lots of brides, ever since Sabyasachi first showcased it. If it’s a monotone lehenga, one can opt for an ombre dyed dupatta or even a contrast, gives some inputs on the trend. This way, the bride’s ensemble is left undisturbed for covering the head. So, beautiful brides, rhinestone mixed embroidery machines Factory go for the double dupatta! Sheer materials like net, chiffon with smaller embroidery motifs and a regal border lend an elegant yet dramatic look to her lehenga.When using double dupattas, a bride can strategically or tactfully conceal the chubbier parts of her body, whether it’s a pop tummy or a bigger bust line. And if you would like to make a statement, then you can also wear a longer second dupatta like a trail.

Bhavya Chawla, Chief Stylist, Voonik. One dupatta was matched with their lehenga and the other one was a bandhej chunri or odhni in warmer colour combos like red, orange and yellow, which was placed on the head or used as a ghoongat/veil to cover the face. And why not, there are practical reasons as well, besides the aesthetic ones," explains Bhavya. With a dual colour lehenga set, any of the colours from the lehenga itself should be chosen.Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding, from a very young age. Do remember not to opt for a dark colour dupatta, as it tends to make one’s face appear dull. The double dupatta solves this problem really gracefully, as one dupatta is used as a drape enhancer and the other one over the head or as a veil," she says.

It was not a Cinderella choice

The legendary actress, who is mostly clad in dazzling Kanjeevarams with gorgeous gold jewellery opted for a slightly hatke look at a recent wedding."Rekha has innovatively modified a kanjeevaram white and gold saree wearing it with a long sleeved bloused and draped in the manner of a khada coiling embroidery machines Manufacturers dupatta. About the younger generation calling her dress a pantsuit, I think they should be forgiven because they don’t know about the khada dupatta or the choughoushia.— Muzaffar Ali, director of Umrao Jaan and a handloom enthusiast(Clarification: The reference to the Chowgosiya garment and its history in para two of the story Dupatta with distinct drapes, which appeared today, is courtesy Deepthi Sasidharan, who has researched this piece of information.

The duppata is tucked at the back of the churidaar and then creatively placed under the arm and draped over the shoulder. Perhaps a new way to drape a sari inspired by the khada dupatta," adds Nida."On social media, fans mainly showered the bride, who wore her hair up, with compliments, some even posting an image of Cinderella."COMMONWEALTH TRIBUTEThe well-kept secret over who would design the dress had kept royal fans and fashionistas guessing for months."It was not a Cinderella choice, not one that spoke of fantasy or old-fashioned fairy tales, but one that placed the woman proudly front and center," Vanessa Friedman, fashion director and chief fashion critic at The New York Times, wrote. Waight Keller designed a veil representing the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country united in one spectacular floral composition," the palace said.

Rhinestone mixed embroidery machines Manufacturers of the celebrities

She says, rhinestone mixed embroidery machines Manufacturers "Many of the celebrities fit perfectly as showstoppers as they carry off the silhouettes with great style and elegance. In the past too, she She has worn our clothes with great aplomb, and we felt she was the perfect muse for this collection.Brand building is a slow and deliberate process — it highlights your strength and relevance globally," says Namrata, who now retails her own line across Paris, Dubai, Japan and Los Angeles. "Collaborations allow a designer to think on a brand new tangent with another’s perspective in tow. It highlights their own design philosophy, they say.High-flying brands that some can only dream of are collaborating with Indian designers.

The blend, I believe is simply an impeccable evolution of style! Naeem’s take on modern couture is simply his inborn talent.Naaem’s fall’16 collection was inspired by the art-deco and the New York skyline. I especially love velvet in black, grey and violet. This look is something that is seen in Naeem’s collections often. "I love working with velvet, especially when the song sequence or set is meant to be grand.."Sonam KapoorShe adds, "People who like to own unique pieces should look at getting themselves a customised velvet jacket."Anu ParthasarathyFor Anu Parthasarathy, costume designer, the material has always been a favourite. His stunning embroidery and rich vivid colours are his highlight.His wedding couture collection is clearly for his A-list client celebrities.

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